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Learn How to Move Properly with Training Technology and PhysioGames. 

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Get TENZR Health delivered to your home and begin with an assessment of your movement quality


The TENZR Digital Therapy kit guides you through your exercises correctly.

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Understand how your body moves and form better movement habits.


Monitor your progress by tracking the quality of your movement over time.



"Physical therapy and consistent home exercise are clinically proven to regain mobility and improve function. Use TENZR Health to get back to doing what you love."
- Fritz, Julie M.


“It [TENZR] was progress - from pain to pain-free - what more could I possibly want from a program?”

                                                       -Donna C.

                                                   Carpal Tunnel Injury

“It really helps me push my exercises that little extra mile (millimeter really).”

                                                                                               -Dom F.

                                     Post Wrist Fracture Surgery           

“I think if I did not use it [TENZR], the recovery would be way slower. So it does for sure help.”

                                                                                                        -Sam J.

                                             De Quervain's 

“It [TENZR] gave me data… but not in a way that was quite repetitive or boring.”

                                                                                                     -Sukhdeep P.

                                          Repetitive Strain Injury

“TENZR provides patients with crucial guidance and biofeedback outside of the clinic, which is needed to facilitate recovery.” 

                                                                                                      -Igor (Doctor)

                                          MD, Orthopedic Surgeon 



per month

  What's included?

  • Customized exercise recovery plan

  • Expert clinical guidance

  • TENZR Digital Therapy kit (includes tracking sensors and a tablet computer) 

  • Videos & tutorials



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