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TENZR provides patients with crucial guidance and biofeedback outside of the clinic, which is needed to facilitate recovery.

Igor Immerman (MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, UCSF)

Physical therapy is effective, safe, and the best first option for many injuries and pains you might experience in your life. 

American Physical Therapy Association

Learn how to Move

Your Recovery Journey with TENZR Health

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Step 2


Step 3


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Begin with a virtual physiotherapy session and receive your custom recovery plan

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Recovery is made easy with TENZR. Just open the app, put on the sensors, and click play! 

TENZR guides you through therapeutic exercises in the form of fun games that provide visual feedback to assure you are moving correctly. 


Only 15 minutes of daily exercising to recover. 

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With TENZR's motivation and guidance, many previous customers have recovered (and prevent future injury) within 3 months.

Getting Started


A great way to get started is by telling us more about your PAIN. We will then contact you with recommendations from our Physiotherapist on how TENZR can help.

Get Started

Donna's Story

Why TENZR Health Works: A Success Story

After 3 months of consistent exercise and physiotherapy guidance with TENZR Health she was healed, pain-free, and back to her favorite activities.

This can be you!

Join the others, like Donna, who have regained their strength and dexterity with TENZR Health.

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I was able to learn how to properly move my wrist and forearm. TENZR made that possible.

John D. (Tennis Elbow)

TENZR was progress - from pain to pain-free - what more could I possibly want from a program?

Donna C. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)


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per month

  What's included?

  • TENZR Digital Therapy Kit

  • Customized exercise recovery plan

  • Expert clinical guidance

  • Videos & tutorials



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